We know that in order to make difference, we have to be different. We prioritize officer wellness, training, and leadership development. We offer more than the average police agency.


At SPS, we offer more

From full wellness support to state-of-the-art training, we’re hiring experienced officers who want to be part of something more. 

Since it’s inception in 2020, Surrey Police Service (SPS) has actively recruited experienced officers from across the country. We now have officers from over 25 Canadian police agencies. If you are interested in applying to SPS, or have any questions about the recruiting process, we can put you in contact with an SPS officer who previously worked at your agency or one who is from your province/area. 

SPS is seeking qualified individuals to help build an organization dedicated to community policing. We offer ample opportunities for positions in all three of our Bureaus. The majority of experienced officers will start in the Community Policing Bureau as part of our Frontline on patrol. We will also be hiring for specialized positions in our Investigative Services Bureau and Support Services Bureau.

SPS has a progressive staffing policy in place. While we are building up to our full staffing complement, we are temporarily offering the ability for experienced officers to apply for lateral opportunities or promotions after 6 months of service with SPS.

Collective Agreement and Pension Information

As part of our commitment to building a top tier organization, we've put together a comprehensive employment package focused on employee wellness and competitive compensation. A few of the highlights of include: 

  • Wellness Leave: Each member receives 40 hours of wellness leave in each calendar year, which can be used or paid out at the end of the year
  • Chief's Scholarship: Educational benefit of up to $3,500 per person to put towards higher education courses and programs 
  • Maternity/Parental Leave: 95% top up of gross weekly earnings for 52 weeks

To read more highlights of our Collective Agreement, and to find information regarding the BC Municipal Pension Plan, view: SPS Collective Agreement and Pension Information

Experienced Officer Online Information Presentation

If you have questions about starting a career with SPS, we've put together an online presentation that will walk you through the application process, our pay and benefits structure, and give you some insight into how SPS is changing policing in BC. If you have questions, or want to speak with a recruiter please email us at careers@surreypolice.ca 

  • SPS has a dedicated, full-time Wellness Team which supports employees in all aspects of their wellness.
  • “Ragnar” is our Occupational Stress Injury dog who works exclusively with SPS employees.
  • A Wellness Lounge is available, 24/7 to all employees to help them decompress at work.
  • SPS officers are provided with 40 hours of wellness leave annually.
  • A registered psychologist provides on-site services for SPS officers once a month, and additional services as required when critical incidents occur.
  • Each SPS employee is assigned a dedicated Employee Services Sergeant to support their wellness, family, and career needs.
  • SPS officers plan to spend their careers in Surrey and get promoted in Surrey. This means more stability and less vacancies.
  • The SPS Executive Leadership Team is committed to advocating for the appropriate staffing levels for Surrey as crime and the community needs change.
  • SPS will have two-person vehicles for select units for increased officer safety.
  • Community Safety Officers will be added in the future to maximize policing flexibility. 
  • SPS supervisors have an average of 20+ years of policing experience.
  • Our supervisors bring experience and stability to their teams. They are here for the long haul, building a deep knowledge of Surrey and SPS that will benefit both the community and those they supervise and mentor.
  • Decisions that impact our officers are made by experienced police leaders at the local level.
  • All SPS officers are trained in Gracie Survival Tactics and Integrated Communications, Assessment and Tactics (ICAT) as part of our advanced training in de-escalation.
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes are offered every week.
  • SPS’s training facility features a full deployment mobile training structure.
  • Learn more about our training for experienced officers.


  • SPS will have all the major specialty units expected of a large agency – from surveillance, to gangs, to confidential informant units.
  • SPS is part of the Lower Mainland Integrated Teams, providing opportunities in forensics, police dogs, ERT, collision reconstruction, and homicides.
  • Seniority at SPS is based on rank and start date. The earlier you join, the more opportunities you will have.
  • SPS provides its employees with a salary, benefits and pension package that is competitive with other Canadian municipal police agencies.
  • View our 2024 SPS salaries
  • SPS officer benefits include maternity and parental leave top up to 95% of wages, paid wellness leave, and enhanced psychological services. View our benefits summary.
  • Your years of prior policing service will be recognized when calculating your salary and annual leave entitlements.
  • View the full 2022-2024 Collective Agreement.


For more information or to speak with a recruiter for a confidential conversation, email careers@surreypolice.ca or call us at 604-591-4084.