March 4, 2022
Surrey Police Board Media Release

A first collective agreement has been reached between the Surrey Police Union (SPU), which represents the sworn police officers of Surrey Police Service (SPS), and the Surrey Police Board (Board), which employs all SPS staff. This is a significant milestone and offers SPS police officers and new hires a guiding document for compensation, benefits and working conditions with Canada’s newest police service. 

This collective agreement provides SPS police officers, from the rank of Constable to Staff Sergeant, with an employment package that focuses on employee wellness and competitive compensation. The principles of the agreement are in alignment with the Board’s compensation philosophy and SPS’s strategic priority of “Employee Development and Wellness”.  

Under the new agreement, SPS officers’ compensation and benefits are competitive within the lower mainland municipal police departments. Please see attached backgrounder for highlights of the collective agreement.   

“The Surrey Police Union membership are very pleased with this first collective agreement for SPS police officers,” says Staff Sergeant Rick Stewart, President of the Surrey Police Union. “This agreement shows that the Surrey Police Board and SPS leadership are committed to supporting the overall well-being of our members who work in a job that involves long hours, stress and trauma.” 

“There is currently an unprecedented demand for experienced and skilled police officers across Canada. As the employer for what will soon be one of the largest police agencies in British Columbia, it is important to the Surrey Police Board that SPS is positioned as a supportive and desirable place to work,” says Cheney Cloke, Vice Chair of the Surrey Police Board. “This first collective agreement with the Surrey Police Union will help us attract and retain exceptional police officers to best serve the citizens of Surrey.” 

The collective agreement was ratified by SPU members on March 2, 2022 and approved by the Board on March 3, 2022. The agreement is in effect until December 31, 2024. This collective agreement will be posted on the Surrey Police Board website by mid-April.   

“This first collective agreement was achieved through the positive and cooperative relationship that exists between the Surrey Police Board, Surrey Police Union, and Surrey Police Service,” says Chief Constable Norm Lipinski. “A well trained, experienced, and motivated workforce that is locally controlled will provide exemplary service to Surrey residents.”  

Collective Agreement Backgrounder 

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