February 8, 2022
SPS Media Release

Surrey Police Service (SPS) is proud to release its first board-approved strategic plan to guide the municipal service’s priorities, strategies, and actions for 2022. As SPS continues to be developed, this plan puts an emphasis on creating a diverse and accountable police service that is locally based and features a high level of community input.  

The strategic plan was informed through months of comprehensive community engagement that included opinion surveys, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups (see previous news release). 

Through these extensive consultation efforts, three main priorities were identified for 2022: Organizational Development, Employee Development and Wellness, and Community Policing Model Development. Operationally, SPS will use this plan to guide its focus on hiring the right people, wellness, researching policing best practices, and developing strategies that centre on youth and Indigenous communities, and regular community engagement.   

“Building a modern, responsive police service from the ground up requires careful planning, input from the community and hard work,” says Chief Constable Norm Lipinski. “Our 2022 Strategic Plan will guide us in developing a police service that answers directly to its citizens and is an investment into the future of Surrey.”  

SPS continues to proactively report on the progress of Surrey’s policing transition, and City of Surrey residents can expect to receive regular updates on the progress and actions outlined in this strategic plan. Updates will include quarterly metric reports, public reports from the Surrey Police Board, and regular updates through SPS’s website and social media channels. 

Read the Surrey Police Service 2022 Strategic Plan on the SPS website

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