The transition of policing services from the RCMP to Surrey Police Service (SPS) is well underway. During Phase 1 of the transition, SPS officers and RCMP officers are working together in a blended policing model to serve Surrey residents.

Officers wearing an SPS uniform and an RCMP uniform

Phases of Surrey's policing transition

Phase 1 - Blended/integrated policing (2021-Today)
SPS officers are regularly integrated into the Surrey RCMP detachment, while RCMP officers are redeployed to other RCMP detachments/units. During this phase, SPS officers work under the operational command of the RCMP, which is the current police of jurisdiction.

Phase 2 - Change of command (Future)
There will be a change of command from the RCMP to SPS as SPS becomes the police of jurisdiction for Surrey. The timeline for Phase 2 has yet to be determined by the Province of BC.


Blended SPS/RCMP policing service (Phase 1)

As part of Phase 1 of Surrey’s policing transition, groups of SPS officers are regularly integrated into the Surrey RCMP detachment, as RCMP officers are redeployed to other RCMP detachments/units. These SPS deployments began in November 2021 (see news release) and today there are over 200 SPS officers serving alongside Surrey RCMP officers.

SPS officers are currently deployed to:

  • Frontline policing
  • Investigative sections
  • Gang enforcement
  • Traffic services
  • Police mental health outreach
  • Community response

During this phase of the transition, the RCMP have operational command of policing and all police contact information remains the same (604-599-0502 or 911).

Surrey residents will see some officers wearing RCMP uniforms, and some wearing SPS uniforms. When there is a call for service in Surrey, an RCMP officer or SPS officers (or both) may show up. Currently, officers from both agencies are driving RCMP-branded police vehicles; SPS-branded vehicles will be introduced at a later date.

This blended policing model will continue until SPS is fully staffed. SPS will become the police of jurisdiction and take over command of policing (Phase 2) at some point during the transition, however the timeline has not yet been determined by the Province.

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Frequently asked questions

All contact information and locations of police stations remain the same. The non-emergency number for Surrey has not changed: 604-599-0502 (911 for emergencies).

While people will see SPS officers in the community and responding to calls for service, Surrey RCMP continues to be in charge of policing at this time.

When the public calls for police service in Surrey, they may see an officer from the Surrey RCMP or Surrey Police Service (or both) show up to assist them. Surrey RCMP will dispatch the officer that is closest/available to their location.

As part of their orientation, SPS officers will initially be paired with a Surrey RCMP officer for a few shifts to familiarize them with the processes at Surrey Detachment. SPS officers will then attend calls on their own, just as RCMP officers do.

The majority of deployed SPS officers are assigned to the Frontline, with others working in positions within community services and investigative services.

For now, SPS officers working alongside the Surrey RCMP will use RCMP-branded police cars. Part of the phased transition is gradually familiarizing Surrey residents with the look of SPS – we are starting with uniforms, and vehicles will be added in the future.

During this phase of Surrey's policing transition, you may be assisted by a Surrey RCMP or SPS officer. No matter who attended your call, please call Surrey RCMP (604-599-0502) or the number on the business card provided to you, if you need to follow up on your file. 

If you wish to make a complaint about the service you received, who you contact will depend on which agency served you:

Surrey Police Service Complaints

RCMP Complaints 

Phase 2 of the policing transition will involve SPS becoming the police of jurisdiction for Surrey. The  timeline for SPS to assume command of policing has yet to be determined by the Province of BC.