If you want to learn more about policing in Surrey, we'll introduce you to the people, places and programs connected to Surrey Police Service.

We want to find out what makes Surrey Police Service a diverse, innovative, and progressive police agency in Canada. 

Each episode of our "Ask SPS" video series explores a different theme and gives you insight on how we're building this service from the ground up. From Chief Norm Lipinski's vision for the future, to developing innovative programs in officer wellness and training, find out how SPS is going beyond the status quo to bring a new policing approach to Surrey. 


Episode 1 - Chief Constable Norm Lipinski 

Episode 2 - Deputy Chief Constable Jennifer Hyland

Episode 3 - Women in Policing 


Episode 4 - Inspector Novi Jette


Episode 5 - Sgt. Dale Quiring and Community 1st

Episode 6 - Deployed Officers