We're looking for people who want to shape the future of policing in Surrey.

When you join Surrey Police Service (SPS), you'll help combine best practices and public safety solutions to fit the needs of BC's second-largest city - with sections founded on new ideas, modern practices, and new technologies.

SPS is looking for experienced officers, new recruits, and civilian employees who are passionate about community policing. People who are excited about the idea of building an innovative new police service from the ground up that is taking the best practices in policing and customizing them for Surrey.

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Why join SPS

At SPS, we're fueled by a desire not only to maintain safe neighbourhoods, but to be engaged with the community we serve - to establish the partnerships that will make us all safer and stronger, and help to address the social issues underlying systemic problems. 

SPS supports one of Canada's fastest-growing and most diverse cities - and we will grow to become one of the country's largest independent police services with opportunities for new experiences and career progression. If there's a section of specialty you're interested in, it's likely that we will have it. Depending on your skills and interests, over the course of your career you will have the opportunity to serve in a range of units and in partnerships with other agencies, including the Lower Mainland Integrated Teams. 

SPS participates in the BC Municipal Pension Plan, one of the largest pension plans in Canada.  Our officer compensation package is equal to, or better than, other municipal police agencies in BC – and SPS employees are enrolled in a comprehensive benefits plan.

Visit our pages for experienced officersrecruits, and civilians to view our salaries and benefits. 

SPS is committed to Peel’s Principles of effective, ethical policing. We believe that successful policing is the result of collaboration and respect between a police service and the community it serves – and we intentionally build the relationships and community-based solutions behind our motto, “Safer. Stronger. Together.” Nimble and community-focused, we work together to get things done.

We’re building a team that reflects the community we serve and the world we live in: inclusive of all ethnicities, cultures, genders and sexual orientations. While we hire the most qualified people for the job, we do so with an eye on diversity and the need for a wide range of skills, knowledge and abilities. A diverse workplace leads to improved organizational decision-making, with broader perspectives and ideas, and fewer blind spots. Most importantly, it leads to a culture of respect, inclusion and acceptance.

At SPS, we believe in treating each other as we wish to be treated. Our workplace is free from discrimination, harassment and disrespectful behaviour (including bullying), and is supportive of individual dignity, positive self-esteem and mutual respect. Please review our Human Rights and Respectful Workplace Policy as part of your career search with SPS.

The world of policing is changing and, at SPS, we see this as an opportunity to effect positive change. We invest in our people from Day 1, making health and wellness a priority: from our choices in uniform design and equipment selection, to shift-scheduling, training, and ongoing programs that support mental and physical well-being. 

It’s not enough to want to be the best, at SPS we invest in the training and learning that lead to innovative solutions, improved officer and civilian safety, and continuous improvement.  We are an employer that champions growth and opportunity, and we have established our own in-house training centre so we can host annual training days for officers, recruits, and civilian staff. 

Many of our officers and civilian employees live in Surrey. It’s Metro Vancouver’s most culturally diverse city, made up of six distinct neighbourhoods with a full range of urban and outdoor attractions. You can begin to explore what Surrey has to offer here.

Insp. Milne standing in uniform

Inspector Rachel Milne

SPS continuously demonstrates that we are making health and wellness a priority right from the start.

Inspector Milne brings 26 years of Frontline policing experience to SPS and with it, a strong commitment to helping SPS recruit the right people for the job.

Is SPS for you?

Beyond the necessary qualifications for each position, SPS is looking for candidates who align with our vision and values. It’s important to us that the people who join SPS believe in a progressive approach to policing, and in building a culture of inclusiveness, mutual respect and support. We want people who are open to new ideas, and who want to make a difference in a diverse and growing city – with all of the implied opportunities and challenges.


Visit our information pages for Experienced Officers or New Recruits, or watch one of our recorded information sessions. If you are interested in information on becoming an officer with SPS, email at careers@surreypolice.ca or call us at 604-591-4084. If you would like more information on civilian careers please email: HRAdmin@surreypolice.ca