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Surrey Police Service (SPS) strives daily to provide a safe, compassionate, and inclusive policing service to its residents and visitors. Our police officers are committed to policing Surrey with honour, respect, and integrity.

If you have experienced a positive interaction with a police officer from SPS or witnessed one of our officers performing their duties in a manner you feel warrants recognition, we would love to hear about it. Please submit your compliment or recognition to



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The police officers who work with the Surrey Police Service are governed by guidelines set out in the British Columbia Police Act, as is the case with all municipal police agencies in British Columbia.

Anyone who has concerns about the actions or conduct of a SPS police officer, the service provided by SPS, or the policies guiding SPS officers, may file a complaint.

Generally, complaints submitted by citizens to SPS or the OPCC have a one-year time limit from when the incident occurred until the complaint is submitted, unless otherwise determined by the OPCC. 

Citizens can submit a complaint directly to the OPCC or to Surrey Police Service, as outlined below.

Office of Police Complaints Commissioner (OPCC) 

The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) is the independent oversight authority of the Police Act and the governing body for complaints regarding municipal police officers in British Columbia.

You can make a complaint directly to the OPCC in the following ways:

Surrey Police Service Professional Standards Section 

Complaints submitted to SPS are assigned to the SPS Professional Standards Section, which is an independent section within SPS that reports directly to the Chief Constable.  The investigators in our SPS Professional Standards Section, along with civilian support staff, have undergone specialized training in cooperation with the OPCC. 

Our Professional Standards Section investigators are committed to ensuring that all complaints are handled with respect, compassion, and professionalism. The objective of the Professional Standards Section is to investigate and resolve complaints as fairly and inclusively as possible within the requirements of the British Columbia Police Act.

You can make a complaint directly to the SPS Professional Standards Section in the following ways:


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