frontline constables


Surrey Police Service (SPS) is continuing to grow as we move towards becoming Surrey’s police of jurisdiction on November 29, 2024. To support the recruitment of experienced Frontline Constables, SPS is offering a $10,000 Frontline Signing Bonus to the next 10 external experienced Constables who join the SPS’s Frontline (patrol duties).

Signing Bonus Eligibility – July 1, 2024

The first 10 experienced police officers who apply with SPS as an exempt candidate and are hired by SPS as a Frontline Constable will receive a $10,000 signing bonus. Please contact an SPS Recruiter for specific requirements at  

Working the Frontline in Surrey

Constables on the Frontline fill an important role in leading the public safety response in Surrey. Understanding that our Frontline Constables perform a demanding and critical job, SPS is making significant efforts to ensure they are safe, healthy, and supported.

Two-person vehicles

Once SPS becomes the police of jurisdiction in November 2024, we will be implementing a combination of two-person and one-person vehicles for the Frontline. This will allow for a safer and faster police response to the many calls for service that require a multi-officer response.

Modern shift schedule

We’ve worked closely with our current Frontline officers to build a shift schedule that works for both our officers and the community we serve. The result is a modern Frontline shift schedule that was recommended by 91% of our officers.

The benefits of SPS's future frontline shift schedule are significant:

  • More hours of rest during days off (up to 115 hours)
  • Shorter overnight shifts (10 hours instead of 12)
  • Overnight shifts don’t start until later in the evening, allowing for more family time
  • Same shift for each 4-day block, resulting in less sleep disruption
  • Increased ability for SPS to provide officers with training
  • Increased team cohesion and supervision, with the full team having the same start/end time.
  • Overlapping shifts which increase ability to relieve officers at end of shift

Career opportunities

SPS will have all of the major specialty units expected of a large agency – from surveillance, to gangs, to a confidential informant unit. We will also be a part of the Lower Mainland Integrated Teams.

As we continue to build SPS to full strength, we have implemented several progressive staffing practices. For example, SPS is temporarily offering the ability for experienced officers to apply for promotion after just six months of service with SPS (including those who receive the signing bonus). Officers who receive the Frontline Signing Bonus will be eligible to apply for lateral positions after 12 to 24 months of patrol duties.

In addition, seniority at SPS is based on rank and SPS start date. The earlier you join, the more career opportunities you will have!


For more information on the Frontline Signing Bonus or applying to SPS as an experienced officer, please email or call us at 604-591-4084.